Riva in storage

The prospect of restoring a Riva to her former glory is an alluring and romantic one. It has seized many an individual, and offers emotional, spiritual, and practical rewards, to those who chose this route.

By knowing every detail about your Riva and seeing every stage of the restoration gives the owner a deeper attachment to their boat and, like a fine wine, a greater appreciation of what a Riva has to offer.

The cost of restoration can vary greatly from an end of season check over and maintenance of the varnish to a full blown rebuild from what is essentially a pile of wood!

The boat is launched for a season’s use every year. There are multiple benefits to this approach. Getting use out of the boat each year keeps the enthusiasm level way up, and the focus practical. In many cases a boat in this type of program seems to be fixed up faster than others because this yearly infusion of energy keeps the project from stalling. If the boat is always close to being ready to sail, her value stays up and gradually improves. It never takes the big dip as with full-scale restorations. Materials costs occur in smaller lumps spread over greater time periods, and are easier to justify when they follow on the heels of a nice sailing season.

Routine maintenance of the boat as needed for seasonal use will keep the boat as a whole from declining while the focuus of the restoration is in one particular area. If a yard is doing the work the costs will be much easier for most people to deal with, as they are spread over time.

Too often romance and emotion so sway a person’s judgment that they forget one of these common principles of a good restoration:

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