Historic Riva Boat Insurance

This Riva boat insurance has been specially developed as a bespoke solution for Riva Owners by AIG  Your Riva is something special to you and your insurance protection needs to meet that same special standards as that of your boat.

The Riva insurance removes the general vagaries encountered when using normal boat insurers who, whilst used to insuring general runabout boats, are less familiar with the special needs of Riva owners as regards protecting their investment in a vessel that has been lovingly restored.

They offer:

There are also bespoke enhancements such as:

If you are interested in preserving the heritage of your Riva then please complete the initial enquiry form below so that the assessor has an idea as to your requirements.


Speak to James Kay directly on +44 (0)20 3861 1013 or Simon Blunt on +44 (0)20 3861 1003.

Historic Riva Scheme, AFL Insurance Brokers, 8 Lloyds Avenue, London. EC3N 3DS

General Tel: +44 (0)020 3861 1000 or email: james.kay@aflib.com

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