The Junior was conceived to replace the basic Florida model and, as its name suggests, was designed to be the baby of the Riva range, and accessible to the young aspiring Riva enthusiast.  It is a multi-purpose small motorboat that could used be as a ship’s tender or equally for water-skiing.

Its distinctive features include the open design of the cockpit and sundeck and the white painted sides for ease of maintenance – a clue to its principal target market, the USA, where owners tended to take care of boats themselves.

In 1972, by which time 626 had been built, it was replaced by the Rudy, exactly the same design except that it was made of fibreglass.  At this time fibreglass was rapidly replacing wooden built craft due to it’s ease of maintenance, lightness – giving better power to weight ratios, and the ability to mould the fibre into what were considered more contemporary shapes.