The Corsaro, based on the AR Sport motorboat designed by Carlo Riva in 1946, entered production in 1953.

Although only forty were built, it set the scene for later Riva models with its elegant lines and tapering stern.  It had a single row seat layout which offered little seating flexibility and was more designed for it’s sporty appeal than sunbathing.

Ranging in length from 4.8 to 5.65 metres, the boat was fitted with a range of different engines over its lifetime with the later engines having 158hp.

It had a two-spoke wheel and, in the later models, had a mottled grey Formica dashboard. The window screen was originally in two sections before becoming a single format in the last series of the range.  The green tartan seats were trimmed with green Vipla.

Only one of the 40 built is known to have survived.