In 1969 Carlo Riva sold out to US company Whittaker, a specialist in fibreglass technology, and soon afterwards the production of fibreglass hulls began at Sarnico. In the thirty-five years that have passed since then, Riva has produced a large and diverse range of fibreglass boats, from the 5.8 metre Rudy (pictured, and an exact clone of the wooden Junior), to the 28 meter Cantata, a luxury super-motoryacht introduced in 1999.

Over the same period the business has passed through a number of hands. In the early 1990s it became part of the UK Vickers group, at the time also owner of Rolls-Royce, and in 2000 it was taken over by the Italian Ferretti group. Notably, the three new boats launched by Riva’s current owners all draw on the firm’s famous wooden boats for inspiration, in particular the 11 metre Aquariva, pictured, which was designed as a successor to the Aquarama.

The following chart lists the various fibreglass boats produced by Riva since 1970. For more details of individual boats, please visit the Riva Ferretti website.